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  April 24, 2014 

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"I knew it was over when I downloaded my first VOIP program", said Michael Powell, chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission.  "When the inventors of KaZaA are distributing for free a little program that you can use to talk to anybody else and the quality is fantastic and it's free - it's over.  The world will change now inevitably."      (Fortune Magazine, 16th February 2004)

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Benefit of VoIP Unified Communication
Friday, 18th April 2014
With technology growing so quickly, the advancements and innovations behind new inventions have been increasing as well.  With a lot of innovations and collaborations coming together, technology has certainly been making life a lot simpler, and less complicated than before.

Can Existing Carriers Adapt to VoIP, or Will They Be Left Behind?
Friday, 18th April 2014
Carriers have looked to VoIP with trepidation.  But can they ride the wave and turn it to their advantage?

VoIP Industry Growth
Monday, 14th April 2014
With the way VoIP has been drastically changing the face of communication, it would be considered an understatement to say the VoIP is the future of communication.  With almost everything related to communication moving to OTT (over-the-top) services, it has become quite evident now that VoIP is being used as the main source of communication, and connectivity.

Does VoIP Work With IVR Systems?
Friday, 11th April 2014
IVR systems allow an organization to quickly sift through and efficiently deal with large incoming call volumes.  This is a perfect opportunity for VoIP to shine.

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