whole body contouringIntimate women body parts -a new area of body parts contouring surgery. Brushing cosmetic reasons aside, intimate body parts surgery stems from the desire to intervene with patients’ psychological problems and help correct deformities. With so many women joining the body shaping bandwagon, more areas of the body have gained extra specialization among practicing surgical doctors. These include a woman’s clitoral area, pubis, labia, hymen, and the vulva:

Common parts undergone

a) Labiaplasty (labia/vulva) Рaesthetic reasons and intimacy are the major reasons why women undergo labioplasty. This is characterized by an over-sized labia minora or vulva whose shape may show on clothing and underwear such as a bathing suit that can make one get embarrassed and ashamed. The process can use total or localized anesthesia, a skin is removed from the labia or the vulva and then the labia is adjusted to the desired size. Being of legal age is required for one to undergo the procedure.

b) Hymen restoration- taunted as the symbol of chastity among unmarried women in some cultures, has also been submitted to plastic surgical procedures to maintain probity of the hymen primarily. Cultural, religious and social reasons are the basic concerns why women undergo hymen reconstruction. In cultures where an unimpaired hymen’s matters a whole life, women have it restored. Some wedding cultures put importance to its integrity as a symbol of respect and a woman not being able to present it is deemed a disgrace to the groom.

c) Pubis or Pubic Mound liposuction- enlarged pubis area normally brings discomfort among women when they become prominent in clothing such as pants, shorts and bikinis or even normal dresses. In men, they can be caused by weight gain and uneven distribution of fat normal in the aging process. The procedure deals with the removal of fatty tissues in the mons pubis or supra pubic area (the area between the lower abdomen and the vagina) via a liposuction procedure. This lasts an hour with minimum one day hospital stay.

d) Clitoropexy or Clitoral Hood reduction- women are extra conscious as to how their body parts protrude taken to be not normal with their gender. Presence of estrogen and testosterone in the area induces the clitoris to be prominent. Again, when the clitoral area, because of size resembles a male body part this can cause anxiety. In the procedure, the size of the clitoral hood is reduced and protrusion is realigned to a normal length. It is done under local anesthesia and takes about half an hour to finish.

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